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Feral Fix Pest Control

Feral Fix Pest Control uses proven methods to control feral animals and pest birds utilizing a series of controls in all situations.

We can provide a service to control and manage all your pest and feral animals.

From localized pigeon control to broad acre rabbit and fox control, Feral Fix Pest Control has the control and management plan for your problems!

If there is an animal not listed, this doesn’t mean we don’t control it, let us know and we will endeavour to see what we can do for you!


The Feral pigeon can be public health pests. They accumulate wherever there is food and shelter and can take up residence almost anywhere.


Feral rabbits have habituated Australia for over 100 years. Since their introduction from Europe in the 19th century, the effect of rabbits on the ecology of Australia has been devastating.


Effective fox control has been shown to reduce the extinction pressure and to allow population recovery. Red foxes pose a serious conservation problem in Australia.